Who can have Viveve Radiofrequency?

Women who experience looseness and loss of elasticity in their genital regions due to childbirth, multiple pregnancy, and age-related deformations can have this procedure.

For years, laser and radiofrequency technologies have been used in the field of aesthetics for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening in many areas of the body. With Viveve, you can non-surgically get rid of the looseness and gynecological problems experienced in the vaginal region.

This problem, especially seen in the majority of women who have given birth, reflects on sexual life and also comes with gynecological problems. Vaginal loosening and the accompanying problems make women unhappy. Viveve Radiofrequency (RF) technology can enable women to get rid of such problems.
Vaginal loosening appears not only after normal childbirth but may also appear after caesarean section. The extent of the problem and the way of its solution can be ascertained with a gynecological examination.
VIVEVE, triggers the production of new collagens (connective tissues) by stimulating the fibroblasts with the thermal effect that it creates on the tissues at a depth of 3-5 mm in the application areas in the vagina. The energy concentrated at the deep layers of the vagina is buffered by the cooling effect of the high-tech handpiece; and this prevents more superficial tissues from getting heated—as a result, no burn occurs.

How long does it take to achieve the result with Viveve?

With the maximum effect that appears within about 1 to 3 months, a tighter and more functional result is achieved in the application site. In the procedure performed without pain, the desired result is obtained with energy transmission to a part of the vaginal canal, which is close to the outside, by means of disposable probes specially manufactured for every patient.