Who can have a tattoo removal procedure?

Anyone who has decided to remove his/her tattoo can have this procedure.

Lasers used for tattoo removal reach the colored pigments in the skin, without harming the skin, and the absorbed lasers break the pigments with sound and light.
The Q Switch Spectra Laser applied with a carbon-based lotion is one of the most effective technologies intended for tattoo removal. By creating a photothermal effect, it activates the regeneration process of the skin, and carries out the tattoo removal process. The most important feature of the Q Switch Spectra Laser is the ability to remove all tattoo colors.

How long are the session intervals in tattoo removal?
The session intervals in tattoo removal are 6 to 8 weeks. The scab formation on the skin surface after laser tattoo removal disappears within 3-4 days; however, the triggered paint under the skin continues to be discharged from the body. In laser tattoo removal, the subsequent sessions are done after 6-8 weeks at the earliest. Sometimes extension of this interval may be requested.

How many sessions are required for tattoo removal?
The number of sessions of tattoo removal is determined by the dye and its amount, the technique, and the type of laser used. Tattoo removal is completed in 5 to 10 sessions.

Can certain parts of a tattoo be removed?
Any figure or writing in the tattoo can be removed selectively, thanks to the laser and the techniques used. The laser tattoo removal procedure usually leaves no permanent mark. The tattoo removal process is usually carried out without problems, if the rules required to be followed before and after application are followed.

Is laser tattoo removal a painful process?
This depends on the pain threshold of the person. The tattoo removal process usually causes a very tolerable pain. If desired, the sensation of pain can be reduced by applying an anesthetic cream or cooling the application site with cold air.

What should be done before the tattoo removal process?

- The area, from where the tattoo will be removed, should be protected from sunlight 2 weeks before the application.
- If necessary, the tattoo area should be shaved
- Aspirin, blood-thinning analgesics should not be taken beginning from the day before the procedure,
- If used, any iron drug should be discontinued 1 week before the procedure.
- Approximately 45 minutes before the tattoo removal procedure, the anesthetic cream recommended by your doctor will be applied to the treatment site, and then the site is wrapped with stretch film.

What should be done after the tattoo removal process?

- At regular intervals, apply cold compress with ice to the site subjected to laser removal procedure.
- Apply the cream recommended by your doctor to the treatment site.
- Stay away from hot water, sauna, vapor bath etc. for a period of 2 days.
- If incrustation has occurred on the skin after the procedure, you should not swim in the sea or swimming pool until they heal up.