Who can have Needle Radiofrequency?

Anyone over 16 years of age, who has problems such as acne and sagging skin, can have this procedure.

The microneedling fractional radiofrequency (MFR) system is a newly developed technology. The system consists of a handpiece with small gold needles on its end, and a radiofrequency unit, to which this handpiece is connected. By means of the golden needles, the radiofrequency energy is transmitted to the deep layers of the skin and warms the tissues there. Restoration of the skin and repair of the damaged tissues bring out a bright and tight skin, as a result of the collagen reconstruction in tissues as well as the repair of the damaged collagens.

What are the application areas of Needle Radiofrequency (Golden Needle)?
- Wrinkle treatment
- Treatment of acne scars
- Treatment of skin spots
- Tightening the pores in the skin
- Skin resurfacing and enhancing the skin quality
- Elimination of sagginess on the face, neck, and cleavage area
- Treatment of sagginess on the arms and legs
- Scar treatment
- Treatment of stretch marks

How is the microneedling fractional radiofrequency system applied?

- An analgesic cream is applied to the application site, for ensuring a pain-free operation.
- The skin is cleaned, the patient-specific cap is attached to the handpiece, and the appropriate dose is adjusted.
- During the procedure that lasts about 40 minutes, more than one application is made to problematic areas.

What are experienced after needling fractional radiofrequency (NFR)?

- Mild redness and tiny scabs may appear at the end of the procedure.
- Wound care creams and sunscreens should be used for 3-4 days for ensuring the wounds to rapidly heal up.
- It is advised not to take a bath and to stay away from the sea and the sun the in the day after the operation.