Who can have Mesotherapy?

It is an ideal procedure for those who suffer from cellulite, regional fat deposition, wrinkle, and hair problems.

Mesotherapy is a procedure performed using very thin and short injector needles. In mesothelioma, drug absorption is too low that almost there is no drug absorption into the systemic circulation. The required number of injections varies depending on the patient, the disease, and the anatomy of the injection area.

Mesotherapy is mostly used for the purpose of cellulite treatment and regional slimming. In addition, it gives successful results in the elimination of wrinkles, hair treatment and skin rejuvenation.

Cellulite treatment with Mesotherapy:
With Mesotherapy, cellulitis is treated by breaking the dissolved fat tissue to accelerate the blood circulation.

Skin rejuvenation with Mesotherapy:
The procedure performed with subcutaneous injections provides cell renewal and an increase in the collagen and elastin production.

Regional slimming with Mesotherapy:
Mesotherapy helps fat burning by breaking the fat cells in the application area.

Hair Mesotherapy:
Mesotherapy performed for hair treatment nourishes, strengthens and stimulates hair follicles by means of the vitamins and vitamins in its content. The effect of the mesotherapy treatment may vary depending on how much the patient needs or does not need mesotherapy. In some cases, it shows its effect after the first session but in some cases its effect can be seen after 2 to 3 sessions. The effect of the mesotherapy treatment is permanent; however, the results become impressive and constant with regular exercise and diet. It is impossible to stop the naturally aging process. Therefore, the mesotherapy treatment should be repeated at certain intervals.

When is the result of mesotherapy obtained?

It varies depending on the procedure and body structure; however, the result usually begins to be obtained after 2 to 3 sessions.

What are experienced after mesotherapy procedure?

- The patient can return to his/her daily life after application.
- Temporary ecchymosis and bruises may occur in the injection site.
- Problems are temporary because the materials used are not absorbed into the systemic circulation
- Slight burns as well as itching, bruising and redness may occur. Bruises disappear within 1 week.