Who must have a malar augmentation surgery?

For having a malar augmentation surgery, the source of the problem is not necessarily the old age. Anyone who has fullness in the lower face and a sagging problem in the upper face can have this operation.

Our face looks in a clear and nice form because of our cheekbones. Due to aging and gravity, our face gets loose and consequently the sagging and loss of volume in the cheek bone region become more noticeable. As a result of this condition, the face looks older and tired.

Cheek implants, bone grafts, fat injections, mid-face suspensions, etc. are used in the surgical procedures intended for the treatment of sagging in this region.

In milder conditions, non-surgical procedures can be performed. Hyaluronic acid fillers, ultrasonic treatments such as ulthera, radiofrequency treatments, c02 lasers are very effective treatments administered in the treatment of aging symptoms.

Are the results of malar augmentation surgery permanent?

If the bone reposition process is carried out with implants or permanent injectable fillers, the effect of the operation lasts many years. If the process is carried out with temporary materials, the durability of its effect will be proportional to the life of the materials.

What are experienced after the surgery?

- Swelling (even if just a bit) is observed; however, no significant bruise occurs.
- Swells and bruises may last for a period up to 5-10 days.
- There may be different incisions depending on the technique applied, but they do not cause a noticeable scar in the cheek bone area.
- The results appear visibly immediately after surgery but the exact appearance cannot be seen until the swells disappear.