Who can benefit from laser skin spot removal?

Those who suffer from skin spots, freckles or brown age spots.

Accumulation of pigments in certain areas causes skin spots on the skin. Some of skin spots are caused by sun damage to our skin, hormonal changes, advancing age, wrong product use and wrong practices. This type of skin problems can be resolved with the laser skin spot removal procedure.

In laser skin spot removal, the lasers affecting the pigments resurface the skin by peeling it. Shots given in a short time damage only the pigments, and do not affect the cells of the surrounding tissues. In this way, the treatment can be administered without causing damage on the skin. Such lasers have also the skin renewal feature.

Since the skin spots have different features, color tones and depths, it may not be possible to tell the patient the number of sessions required for the completion of the treatment in laser skin spot removal. Therefore, the patient is given average figures and times.

While freckles, age spots and brown age spots can usually be treated in a single session, deeper skin spots and complicated lesions can be more resistant. Some sun-spots and freckles may require a second or third session.

Some skin spots are quite resistant and their complete removal may be impossible. The color of such spots gets significantly lighter after laser application.

Points to take into consideration in laser skin spot removal

- The sites to be treated with laser skin spot removal should not be tanned by the effect of the sun or self-tanning lotions.
- The site should be protected from sunlight after application.
- Cleaning your skin with a cleaner and applying an epithelizing cream after laser skin spot removal will accelerate the healing process.