Who can have Dermaroller procedure for stretch mark treatment?

Those who want to get rid of the stretch marks caused by sudden weight gains and losses or pregnancy.

Stretch marks develop in the 'dermis' i.e. the deep layer of the skin. Stretch mark is a kind of skin rupture. Excessive weight gains and losses, hormonal causes, and pregnancy can lead to stretch marks. Dermaroller needles open micro-holes in the dermis layer, where stretch marks develop. The body perceiving this procedure as an injury tries to repair the stretch mark, and also increases the amount of collagens by triggering their production. During this procedure, collagen serums, vitamins and minerals quickly contact the stretch marks because they are rapidly absorbed through the holes opened by the dermarolller.

How is Dermaroller procedure performed for stretch mark treatment?
Successful results are obtained by performing the stretch mark treatment in 4 sessions at monthly intervals. The application area is locally numbed, and then the treatment is administered by moving the handpiece while it is leaning to the left or right in a horizontal or vertical position, depending on the spreading order of the stretch marks.

What are experienced after stretch mark treatment performed with Dermaroller?

- Cold compress is applied if excessive bleeding occurs during treatment
- Cold compress also protects against stinging sensation.
- Opening the micro-channels on the skin may cause redness.