Who can have a Botox injection for migraine?

Those over the age of 18, who have a migraine problem, can have this procedure.

Much of migraine headaches are caused by the over-tension of the muscles in the head region. When the muscles causing pain attacks are enabled to relax, the factor that causes migraine headaches is eliminated. Botox that has become a new hope for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches is one of the most effective and up-to-date treatment procedures in this regard. After Botox injection, a decline is observed in headaches within a week. A pain-free period of 6-8 months is experienced, after which the procedure should be repeated.

When does botox work on your face?

Long-lasting solutions are obtained with labiaplasty surgery. However, in case of successive births, the aesthetic appearance obtained with the surgical reduction of the labia minora may be impaired to a certain extent.

Similar procedures can be performed with laser and radiofrequency.

What is the succes rate of botox?

- The surgical procedure involves the use of self-dissolving sutures, which disappear spontaneously after a week.
- There is no need to dress the wound. The surgical site is just cleaned with warm water.
- Attention should be paid to keeping the area dry.
- The patient can take a bath 3 days after surgery. As the point to take into consideration, the patient should take a bath while standing upright.
- Sexual intercourse, sea and pool are prohibited for a period of 1 month after surgery.
- No scar remains after surgery.



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